Item code #BC01110-00-WXE
SGD $1,099.00

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Walnut overlay on engineered wood.

2-Tier: 202 x 29 x 74.8 CM
3-Tier: 202 x 29 x 113.6 CM

Modular bookcase. Available in 2-tier & 3-tier units; stackable to make a 5-tier unit.

Elegant and stylish, this statement bookcase doubles up as a room divider and is sure to draw attention in any space. This bookshelf will complement your excellent taste in literature and interior design.

Product Care :
Avoid placing in direct sunlight to prevent discolouration or bleaching.
Use day curtains for your windows if the furniture is within the path of natural light.
Avoid placing the item in an overly humid area or area with a lot of moisture – this will cause warping or bubbles to form.
Do not wipe with a soaking wet cloth; instead, use a slightly damp cloth (don’t use chemical cleaners) to wipe the wood surface, followed by a dry cloth to absorb excess moisture.
Use a soft brush to clean and remove any dust or dirt.
Apply wood wax on the surface monthly to prevent cracking.

*All items are subjected to manufacturing tolerances of 1-2cm, and natural wood variances.