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Top is made of solid acacia wood.
Stained Veneer on the sides.

30 x 45 x 30 CM

Available in 2 other designs.

Product Care :
- Avoid placing in direct sunlight to prevent discolouration or bleaching. Use day curtains for your windows if the furniture is within the path of natural light.
- Avoid placing the item in an overly humid area or area with a lot of moisture – this will cause warping or bubbles to form.
- Do not wipe with a soaking wet cloth; instead, use a slightly damp cloth (don’t use chemical cleaners) to wipe the wood surface, followed by a dry cloth to absorb excess moisture.
- Use a soft brush to clean and remove any dust or dirt.
- Dust regularly with a slightly damp, soft, lint-free cloth.
- Apply wood wax, or quality cleaner formulated for wood furniture, on the surface monthly to prevent cracking.
- Do not use aerosol-powered cleaners or polishes.
- Also, do not use polishes containing waxes or abrasives, or polishes that are oil-based.
- Avoid the application of blunt or heavy force directly on the wood surface to prevent cracking.