Item code #CD8288 GARDINER SOFA
SGD $4,199.00

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Gardiner L-Shaped Sofa in Leather - $4,199
(Chaise + Armless + Left/Right Arm)
Solid Rubber Wood Frame
Genuine Leather (Leather - CAT 27A Natural Brown)

Measurements: 255 x 101(185) x 66 CM
Lead time required: 5-7 Weeks

Gardiner L-Shaped Sofa in Fabric - $3,099
(Chaise + Armless + Left/Right Arm)

Gardiner 3-seater Sofa in Leather - $3,699
(Armless + Left/Right Arm)

Gardiner 3-seater Sofa in Fabric - $2,937
(Armless + Left/Right Arm)

Chaise (Leather) : $1,899
Chaise (Fabric) : $1,369

Armless (Leather) : $1,199
Armless (Fabric) : $839

Left/Right Arm (Leather) : $1,399
Left/Right Arm (Fabric) : $1,049

Have your sofa your way with the Gardiner modular sofa. Versatile and adjustable, this sofa lets you make the most of your room, freeing up valuable floor space for whatever takes your fancy. The Gardiner sofa is uniquely designed as a modular sofa, allowing greater flexibility according to your space.

The Gardiner sofa is currently made-to-order. To purchase the Gardiner sofa in another colour of leather of in fabric upholstery, please visit our stores where our retail personnel will be more than happy to assist you until you are comfortable with your customisation. Your sofa, your rules.

Product Care (Leather):
Clean and condition using leather wipes or creams every 3-6 months.
Wipe down with leather care wipes.
Vacuum if needed.
Avoid placing under direct sunlight.
Wipe away spills as soon as possible to avoid staining.
As this is genuine leather, tones may vary slightly.

Product Care (Fabric):
Vacuum weekly to prevent dirt from becoming embedded into the fibers.
You can also use a soft-bristled brush to gently whisk the dirt away and avoid snagging the fabric.
Wipe away spills or marks as soon as possible to avoid staining.
Prevent velcro and sharp objects such as rings or buckles from coming into contact with the fabric, as they may cause pulling or tearing.
Protect fabrics from direct sunlight as this can result in fading, and weaken fibres.

*All items are subjected to manufacturing tolerances of 1-2cm.